Seattle, Wash, USA
May Lind
Gresham, Oregon, USA
  • Ballard High School, Northwest 65th Street, Whittier Heights, Seattle, WA, USA
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Created by ProSymbolsfrom the Noun Project

July 1, 1930. Howdy baby, Gee whiz have I been saving some giant fireworks since last year and now I won't even be home for the 4th. I guess I'll have to keep them and give them to your children. I sent this card because I knew you would be very interested in the building on the other side as long as you are going to a similar one this fall. How is everybody and did Lillian get the card I wrote to her? I didn't pay any attention to the address because I didn't think I would write. I'm not at all homesick but I'm beginning to get a little lovesick. Oh I know you are laughing and I can just guess what kind of a bright crack you made when you read that last sentence. In fact I would like to know what you are thinking so write and tell me but send it to Tacoma. Maggie.

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