Toronto, ON, Canada
I W Ogletree
1105 Sesame Street, Opa-locka, FL, United States
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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This is a swinging place with mobs on the streets after midnight, even on week days.

Roy. X marks my room. 5-6-1975.

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That is amazing, Roy stayed in Yorkville which was definitely swinging back then with hippies smoking weed on rooftops and plenty of cafes and bars, it was the hip area of town, well before my time and now the most expensive part of the city hosting celebrities and pricy boutique shops for the glitterati. City Hall is the rounded building towards the centre of the photo with old city hall to the right with the clock tower. That tower features four gargoyles which fell off at some point and were replaced a few years ago. Those buildings are on Queen St. West and we’re on my daily walks through downtown. Is it irony that Roy had such a “swinging” time yet chose such a puritanical stamp?

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