Morphett Vale, South Australia, Australia
Will Chinn
26 Lansdowne Road, Hounslow, United Kingdom
  • Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
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January 7th 1907. Morphett Vale.

Dear Will,

My holidays are now nearing their end and I have to return to Pirie in about a week. I am thankful to say I am much better so much in fact that I walked to a house 4 miles away and back one day last week. Tomorrow I am going to spend a few days with Alice and also with George at Norwood. We have had beautiful weather during the holidays although we are supposed to be having summer. Love to all. Jan

Selected from the extensive collections of the Migration Museum, a museum of the History Trust of South Australia. We encourage you to find out more about their collections and visit their website at [migration.history.sa.gov.au](https://migration.history.sa.gov.au/?utm_source=PostcardTree&utm_medium=referral).

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