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Well at my ... I hope you do not rub the ... braid too much as now you know it all thought going through it. Well as for the question in regards to my arm being ... or rather .. I got it through a scratch coming in contact with some soil dressing off of a ... wound. Well ... you say that when I retire it shall be the happiest day of your life. I shall not say so but one of the happiest days for I always and still think the happiest day of all was January 29th. I suppose you can see ... the writing that I have had to have off to make another start. By ... that was a rough card you got up on me as a Birthday in ask me if I finish up that way. In fact, I am very pleased ... that way for it will have to be don when I come home and I hope it shall not ... long because I have put another paper into Headquarter to try my luck again. I cannot understand why you do not tell me what wrong with you as you say.

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