Gimli, Man, Canada
Lily Little
125 Norquay St, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
  • Gimli, Manitoba, Canada
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Created by ProSymbolsfrom the Noun Project

Wed morning Aug 4th. Dear Lily - just lovely down here. Wish you were all down, you'd sure enjoy it. At present we are sitting in the dark, [?] W. [?] writing N. [?] sewing C- [?] cleaning [? ...] crochet. all very busy_ just thinking of having a dip before noon. Hope all well. Love to B[...], From [...]

Selected from the extensive collections of Winnipeg Public Library. We encourage you to find out more about their collections and visit their website at [wpl.winnipeg.ca/library](https://wpl.winnipeg.ca/library?utm_source=PostcardTree&utm_medium=referral).

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