Washington, DC, United States
Mary Pierce
Clinton, Mass, United States
  • Library of Congress, Independence Avenue Southeast, Washington D.C., DC, United States
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Created by ProSymbolsfrom the Noun Project

Nov 5-1901

Just a line from the capital. Having a fine time. Thank you so much for the lovely spoon. Sorry you could not come. Will come out and see you as soon as I can. Warren was also very kind to remember me too. I will write him a note later. Lots of love from Mattie.

Selected from the extensive collections of the National Trust Historic Postcards Collection, a collection located at the University of Maryland. We encourage you to find out more about their collections and visit their website at [digital.lib.umd.edu/ntlpostcards](https://digital.lib.umd.edu/ntlpostcards/?utm_source=PostcardTree&utm_medium=referral).

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