• Centre Street, Gimli, Manitoba, Canada
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Created by ProSymbolsfrom the Noun Project

Dear Wessie [?] You will note the light-house at end of pier all the Boys dive & swim just near it. Charlie he was telling ^me swam across from one pier to the other you will see other pier without light-house. It is the [...] that gives me the creeps, I feel so much better of this holiday [...] it will be fenished [?] & our little ones will recall all the happy times we had; a wee picnic I have planned for Thursday afternoon with other family we go through thick bush to a beach - build a fire & have Kippers & Spaghetti for supper [...] I wish I could have you with us [?]. I would give you a Kipper in your hand [?] and a plate of spaghetti just like the [...] we would not leave [? ...] you all [?] it was fineshed [?] Yours [?] Ina.

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