Em B
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Ida Burwash
Shelby, MT, USA
  • 280 William Ave, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
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Winnipeg 8/5/1913.

Dear Ida,

Received you letter OK Monday and glad to hear from you. You will likely have letter I wrote Effie last week. By this know the news. ? real glad Easter package finally arrived. I hope all in good shape. So far ham not here. Able to get the ? ? but they expect there in we a few days again, when I will send him along. As far as I can think i'm getting along alight at books, but there seems a lit to learn. Roy had dinner with us day your letter come. Mrs Rudolph has the scarlet fever. She not very sick at first but pretty bad sunday. ? her for couple of days. ? ? to finish up the house ?. Will my ? ? ? ? With love, Em B.

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