Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • 135 Anderson Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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Created by ProSymbolsfrom the Noun Project

Glencoe Lodge - Vancouver. Dear Sara, As you will have heard from Lillian before you receive this you will heard that we arrived safely. The weather here is slightly cool but we had a dusty disagreeable trip. It was not so warm but the dust was bad for hay-fever. I have it still but hope it will soon leave. Jim stood the journey splendidly - much better than I did. but I was so tired out before we left that I have not really got rested yet. Jim received the enclosed account from Dr Carnban [?] this morning and Jim says that for the good name of the "Leetzels" [?] that he should pay it immediately. Had a lovely motor ride last evening. Harvey goes same. Everybody is excited over the war, soldiers marching & drilling everywhere. With love - Priscilla. Isaac Campbell gave me this card in Winnipeg.

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