G C Holmes
Brockton, MA, United States
Langdon, NH, United States
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My dear post master,

We have about 500 styles of these cards that retail at 2 for 5c. And they are put up in “ NO 2 ALIKE “ packs of 20 cards each, and are numbered “X 1 to 25 “. These are the best cards we have been able to find in the American and Foreign markets. WE can send you postpaid ( and practically no two alike ) 500 cards for $5.; or 80 cards for $1.; or one pack (20 cards) for 30c. In ordering, it would be well to say whether you want all thanksgiving, all Christmas, etc., or an assortment. We warrant satisfaction or money back. We take all risks of the mail. Get our catalogue of “No 2 alike” packs of all kinds of post cards and save money. This is a sample of our Holiday cards. We are doing business with over 1000 dealers to-day and they like our plan. If you are not suited, send your cards right back and get your money or other cards. There is no risk. Every new order means a new customer. No need to register or send money order. Order early and get best assortment and you will surely reorder before Christmas, for Post Card business is booming. Stamps or the cash is safe if mailed with order to G.C.Holmes,

Clerk in charge post officeSta.4, Brook ton, Mass

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