Bath, Ontario, Canada
Mar Howie
Napanee, ON, Canada
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I was writing to Sara today and I thought I would drop you a card. Radha said she go refused to write you night so I guess its time she was I we as and all quite well. Today is Herb’s birthday were you to inform going home Sunday night I was as glad to see you all but was taken so by suprise could not think of anything but how ever was glad to see you all aunis sent one a acbirrel plots of marry head shoulders if to very nice of her you will get one I am sure I suppose you are very busy today. Expect sara down here or Lees cant say much on a card but will write a letter where ? from you Radia has had quite a cold but seems better this morning suppose you saw about Mrs.Guys son we back correspondence please write soon soon

Love from all Kisser from

Your JsK

Selected from the extensive collections of Dave B, a member of the Sarnia Historical Society. We encourage you to find out more about his collection and visit the website at http://www.sarniahistoricalsociety.com.

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