B Proudlock
73 Sanderling Street, Inala, QLD, 4077, Australia
  • Churchgate, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • This postcard is in the marketplace for 15$
Created by ProSymbolsfrom the Noun Project

Dear Mrs. Proudlock,

Hope you and Mr. Proudlock are in the best of health as the same attends to me here in India I travelled comfortably and put up in a hotel in Singapore on my way to India. At the moment I am in Bombay with my Grandmother and Aunt. And later I intend visiting a few big cities in India like Delhi, Poona and Panchgani where I have studied for a number of years we have tourist buses for site seeing - I will be travelling in them and seeing a number of places. Hope to see you soon.

with lots of from Marina

Give my love to the people in the laundry.

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