Racine, WI, United States
Leeta Gray
213 S 5th St, Rockford, IL, United States
  • Wade Park, East Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio, United States
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Racine. Wisconsin. July 1914.

Dear friend, just a few lines to let you know that I am alive and working. Did not get a chance to come down before coming back to Racine. Leeta you can have my wash boiler if you can find a way to get it down there. Paul says for you to come by there if you can and look over the lace ?. The mice got in there so they not as good as I thought but she can look there over and see what you can use of them if any ? perhaps you can find some that can be used. Bye bye. Ever a friend. Yours with love.

523 College Ave, Macdowell House

Selected from the extensive collections of Hope M. We encourage you to find out more about her collection by visiting her Flickr account at https://www.flickr.com/photos/92946008@N02/.

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