New York, NY, USA
Eliza C Gray
108 New Montgomery Street, Johnstown, NY, USA
  • 1901 First Ave, New York, NY, USA
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Box 613.

Central Nurses' Residence.

Welfare Island [?].

New York, New York.

Dear Aunt Eliza,

How do you like my hospital? It's a big one - fifteen floors in all. I've just 2 months left as a student. It doesn't seem possible that four years are almost behind me.

How have you been? Was the heat bothered you this summer?

I'm keeping busy both at the hospital and here at the residence.

It's been dark and dreary here most of the day. We had quite a rainstorm this afternoon, but it did not cool the air off any. It's still very hot and muggy.

I'll close for tonight. Please write when you can.

Love Phyllis.

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