Rozelle New South Wales, Australia
Lena Taylor
Tunbridge Wells, UK
  • Little Coogee Bay, New South Wales, Australia
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Tuesday March 10th 1914.

Dear Lena,

Arrived Sydney. Dodged the Germans. No word yet to say you have received any of my letters. Perhaps some will soon come. Took over a month to get here from Capetown. Am ok. Nearly sloney broke-- your glass and comb have been very handy. Sydney is a big place, splendid harbour. Don't know how long

I shall stay. It is very hot out here. Christmas is full summer. Lost my hat in the sea by my head did not go. Wish you were here, would take you to the pictures. We stopped twice on our journey. Thought it was a German vessel ahead. It wasn't. Am starting my visit tomorrow. I got three letters on arrival but only from friends. Am hungry for one from you--lots of nice places to visit here, but a bit living by one's self. Things are dear, but meat is cheaper than it is in England. Kindest love to you and Charlie, hope you are keeping OK.

Your affectionate Uncle Albert

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