D Greene
Buffalo, NY, USA
  • Sorrento, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy
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May 10th, 1922.

Your steamer letter was a joy, shall keep it carefully.

We all send our thanks to you both.

I intended writing you on the steamer but mal - de - mer claimed so much of my attention and the ocean continued so much that it took me the pleasant days of Mediterranean to recuperate!

Clarissa was the same, but Herschel was a regular old self, walked the decks and never missed a meal in the dining room.

We are all fine now, but occupied every minute with this wonderful sight - all.

We have run out of adjectives on this Amalfi drive.

Spent last night at Ravello at the top of the mountain and lunched today at Sorrento, tomorrow Capri and the Blue Grotto, then back to Naples for another day, then out to Rome.

This is the most wonderful drive that can be imagined, is it not?

We all send love to you and the doctor.



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